The stunning handmade silver jewelry creations of designer Gies Wynendaele are each and every one a multi-faceted world. The jewels are the result of a skilled and patient search through the ancient artisan ways for that one unique form.

The geometric, orthogonal and organic compositions are amazingly light, even with the use of pearls and larger chunks of amber which bring the necessary whimsicality to contrast the tense or undulating silver of the whole.

His urge for creation and passion for the craft provides his drive for the design of playful and sculptural miniature artwork. A quirky uniformity is achieved by means of drop-casting and forging techniques, meticulous welding and fitting.

Gies Wynendaele creates unique, classic and fitted jewels which, combined with their ease for wear, functionality and dynamic elements, are exceptionally contemporary, organic and lasting.  In addition there are also his mini sculptures.