About Gies

Gies is about 14 years old when he makes his first jewels. These are wooden hairpins, brooches and bracelets. Soon he tries out other materials such as synthetic clay, enamel on copper, iron and chromed copper.

Before he gets married he enters a training course in the workshop of a goldsmith, where he learns the basic skills. Gies makes his first silver jewel for his bride.

While teaching in a techical school, he learns how to forge and solder, and he makes a number of sculptures in the Giacometti style. Analogous to the art of soldering, he develops a melting and dropping technique to render his silver jewels a rather organic shape. Bit by bit he abandons the tight Danish design jewel to apply a personal language of shaping, more or less inclining towards the exuberant Italian baroque. Apart from jewels, he starts to design and make chandeliers, both in tight forging and chromed lathing.

After seventeen years of teaching, Gies finds a new challenge in the non-profit sector. He establishes some 17 creative workshops for disabled adults. There, Gies can get rid of his creative urge in different ways.

No sooner than 2004, he finds his way back to his great passion. He expands his silver workshop and indulges in his uncanny way of making jewels and little sculptures.