All jewels are made of 925 sterling silver, which means that one kilo of material contains 75 grams of other materials such as copper.


Is a fossilized resin of the black pine dating back 5 million years.  It is mainly found along the Baltic coast. It shows different colours, from white, along yellow to green, this last being the typical well-known amber colour. It may be transparent or fully non-transparent. Its main advantage is that it's very light to wear.


Red coral from the Mediterranean.

Baroque pearls

Mainly fresh water pearls, cultivated in oysters or mussels.


The ivory used, is always "recuperated " from old jewellery or broken pieces.

Semiprecious stone

These stones range from onyx, tourmaline, amethist, lapis lazuli, quartz, moon rock, rhinestone etc...

Flashes of inspiration

A small stone or a pebble, a bit of silex stone......anything can be embedded in silver and become your personal jewel!!


and many others ... horn, ebony...